[COMPLETED WORK] A Dark Fantasy Romance: Vanney is a ditzy acolyte at the Temple of the God of Wealth and spends her days daydreaming about adventures with her best friend Jaelia. When the Temple sends the two of them to escort a caravan to the mysterious, far-off border town of Shadow Charing Vanney's time for adventure has come. But her sunny imaginings have nothing to do with the shadowy world of witches, demons, magic and netherworlds her path takes her to...


Artist for Rosier?

posted by JigokuNeko on August 9th, 2009, 4:40 am

okay, I guess you noticed updating has died on this comic. I didn't really want to stop but I got a severe case of RSI, which means I won't be returning anytime soon. still, it is a shame to let it go what with the script all done and stuff.

so, if anyone feels like drawing the story with me supplying the script-and trying to keep at least a bit of continuity to the previous art-send me an e-mail at

Hope someone takes me up on this offer :)




posted by JigokuNeko on April 14th, 2009, 4:14 am

Hi there!
welcome to my second project: ROSIER!
As the blurb says this is a dark fantasy romance manga-style (yes, that means it will be in b&w, if i had to paint every panel like the cover I'd be finished in around 30yrs) and while I won't rate it "mature" or anything keep in mind that some graphic images will crop up from time to time including:
*blood and gore (though nothing too hard)
*witchcraft, dark magic, demonic stuff, hell, multi-deity religions (if you have a religious problem with any of these then I'm sorry, this is not for you)
*explicit situations (again, nothing too hot to handle!)



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